When to Choose Assisted Living

Signs that a Family Member May be Ready for Senior Living

Life can be tough. Bills to pay, yards to cut, and dishes to clean are always on the agenda. As we age, the compounded efforts of daily life can be difficult to manage. In addition, health and safety concerns can begin to affect daily living.

Whether it's around the Thanksgiving dinner table when you notice that mom or dad doesn't seem to be as robust as they once were or if it's stopping over unexpectedly to find a parent whose refrigerator and pantry are bare except a few cans of soup and instant mashed potatoes, there are often signs that a family member may be ready for an assisted living facility or other senior living community.

The choice to move to an assisted living community is one that families often consider as a parent or family member ages. Seniors and their families may begin searching for an assisted living community or personal care community when there is a decline in overall ability to complete chores and tasks. When an individual wants additional socialization to combat age-related depression and isolation, a senior living community can offer daily interaction with others.

A senior care facility is often the right choice for seniors who just need a little help throughout the day to maintain their independence. In Kentucky, there are different licenses/certifications for care including assisted living and personal care. Learn about the differences in these two types of communities

When to Choose an Assisted Care Community
An assisted living facility or personal care community may be the best decision if someone is experiencing the following signs:
  • Inability to manage a home's upkeep
  • Assistance needed with cooking meals
  • Isolation and loneliness with limited social interaction
  • Concerns regarding living independently without supervision
  • Feelings of no longer being safe alone
  • Failure to take medications timely or properly
  • Decline in function and personal appearance/hygiene
  • Inability to drive
  • Forgetfulness that can lead to unsafe situations
  • Lack of motivation or inability to enjoy the activities and hobbies from the recent past
  • Unable to navigate stairs well or safely
When to Take a Tour & Begin Your Research
Caregivers and their family members are encouraged to learn more about the services, amenities, and care offered by meeting with an assisted living facility or personal care community representative. It's never too early to start planning. In fact, some individuals tour 6-12 months before services may be needed! At Exceptional Senior Living, we have individuals say they aren't moving for a few years but they want to know what we offer so when the time comes they have already made their choice of where to live. By knowing your options early, you can reduce stress and provide an easier transition.

A tour can showcase the community and the amenities offered. Individuals can see other residents living in the community and interacting. Often by touring a center, potential residents get excited about how they can get involved again and socialize with others. Touring can take the fear and anxiety out of moving by showing all they can gain by taking a chance.

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