How Much Assisted Living Costs

Breakdown of Senior Living Expenses

One of the most asked questions we receive when a resident or family member tours our community is about how much a senior living community costs. While we share our rates, you may want to know how much assisted living costs near your, or if you are located in Jefferson County, how much assisted living costs in Louisville.

Exceptional Senior Living in Prospect, KY, (right outside of Louisville in Jefferson County), is a licensed personal care community. While there are many similarities to assisted living, personal care communities offer additional services and 24/7 nurses on staff. Rates for personal care communities may be higher than assisted living because the level of care that can be provided is greater, but higher fees isn't always the case. In fact, although Exceptional Senior Living is a licensed personal care community, it is competitive in pricing with assisted living facilities in Louisville.

Room and Board
The average cost of assisted living facilities in Louisville is $4400 for a one-bedroom apartment but can range from $3500-$5400.  Many assisted living facilities and personal care communities offer studio apartments and two-bedroom apartments. A studio apartment is a budget-friendly option for many seniors as is sharing a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate. A second person fee may apply in sharing a room to cover costs such as daily meals and other services.

In Kentucky, the average assisted living rate is between $1900-$3900 per month, but this is dependent on the location, age of the center, size of the apartments, and amenities offered. Memory care apartments are often an all-inclusive fee that includes care assistance. In Louisville, assisted living and personal care licensed memory care monthly rates range between $5500-$6000 per month.

Nationally, the median cost of assisted living per month was $3,628 in 2016 or around $120 per day. To put that into context, a private room in a nursing home averaged $253 per day. Home health aide services average $20 per hour, based on an 8-hour day (more time-intensive care will likely be more expensive).­

Room and board costs typically include monthly rent for the apartment chosen, restaurant-quality dining, weekly housekeeping, social activities, wellness programs, cable television, water and electric utilities, and local transportation.

Levels of Care
A factor that can influence the overall cost of assisted living is the amount of care needed.  Called "levels of care" this is in addition to the room and board monthly rent. Some individuals may enter a community entirely independent and don't need additional care; however, with the average age of individuals in a senior living community in the mid-80s, often some assistance is needed with everyday activities like dressing, bathing, and medication management. Medication costs are paid directly by the resident's insurance to the pharmacy chosen.

Residents are assessed prior to moving into a senior living community and throughout their stay, as the amount of care can change depending on health and level of independence.

Often, memory care room and board rent includes care charges, so no additional charge is necessary.

Additional Amenity Costs
Additional services that are not included in room and board, such as laundry services, telephone, Wi-Fi internet, incontinence products, transportation, educational classes, wellness classes, outside entertainment, and room food delivery may have fees. This is a question you will want to ask when you tour a senior living community so that you can get an accurate idea of what the monthly fee may be for the care and services needed.

At Exceptional Senior Living, we offer many premium add-ons within our room and board fee. For residents, we provide laundry services, transportation to local doctor's appointments, telephone, and internet without additional charge.

Community Fee
Many assisted care communities charge a one-time community fee that includes admission and apartment preparation. These costs vary by facility and often range from $500-$5000.

Pet Fee
If you have a pet, ask the assisted living or senior living community you are touring their pet policy. Pet-friendly communities may set weight limits, cap the number of pets and individual can have, and complete a pet assessment to see if the pet is a good fit for the community. Because pets can damage rooms, often the flooring, many pet-friendly communities have a one-time animal fee that is used to replace carpet. This fee can range from $500-$1000 depending on the community.

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